Dance Room

“Dancing with the feet is one thing. Dancing with the heart is another”.

There are separate, spacious and well-equipped dance rooms for the students which facilitate aesthetic and artistic nurturing of the young learners. Students get opportunity to hone their artistic expression under the guidance of experts and technical equipments are provided to enhance the teaching- learning process.

Following Dance Forms are taught in School :-
1. Hip- Hop
2. Spanish
3. Portuguese
4. Pop -Mix
5. Bollywood Free Style
6. Indian Classical:-
 (i) Bharatnatyam
 (ii) Kathak
 (iii) Kuchipudi
 (iv) Chau
 (v) Bhangra
 (vi) Haryanavi
 (vii) Chhattisgarhi Folk
 (viii) Dandiya and Garba
 (ix) Manipuri
 (x) Sambalpuri