Chairman's Message

CPS Chairman
CPS Chairman

 It is my immense pleasure to be a part of Chandroday Public School. The School has set a benchmark and excellence in providing the Quality Education which is the need for the today’s supersonic changing world, The School has set its lofty goals to fulfill the expectations of the society and Soaring high in the sky.

 The aim of CPS is to equip the students to tread on the Untrodden path with dedication, discipline and internal motivation to succeed in their stride.

 The School is a place where the students explore all the inherent potentials and talents in themselves.

CPS not only trains the students in their Academic but believes in EXPLORING INTERESTS of the students. Keeping this fact in mind , the students here also trained on Non- Academic Activities like Music, Dance, Art & Craft, Sporting, Painting, etc. Today the child has a lot of scope to mould and shape their future according to their own interest and Choice. Let them enjoy learning , let we give them some space where they can understand their own Talents, CPS is shaping and carving their inquisitive mind to reach the pinnacle of their dreams. I am really very glad to see that CPS is working hard to reach to its goal of creating EXCELLENCE & DILIGENCE . 

My Best Wishes to all the Staff Members , Students and parents.

With warm regards,